I was on the road, again, in a small cafe, reading my notes for my next meeting. In an odd moment, my eyes gaze to the surrounding trying to catch a moment of relaxing. Unconsciously I start observing the people around me, trying to focus on what I had to do next.

Your Next Move

I started to think: what are people doing here? I mean, I was in a small cafe, a place people try to relax, associate with other people, feel new emotions and interact with new people. They have participated in ordinary activities and they were calm & relaxed! The “no participation“, simple is not a choice.

People, usually are drawn on activities provide them with more incentives and stimuli from those they are prepared to handle! And most of them are unconscious without a prior “logic” decision. People follow a lot of things and trends without too much thought at first and if you present them the best alternative for their time and effort, usually, they try to rationalize their choices.

All we do the same thing, at least, for the things we are interested in or want in our life! People interact with people who make them feel better than what they actually feel, most of the time without good, apparent, reason. At the same time, people buy items, products, and services that give them the incentives to think better of themselves, to make them dream bigger dreams.

That’s why your next move is not always “logical“. But it is always justifiable. You “select“, unconsciously the most of the times people, relationships, associates, products, items, etc. that make you believe that you can make a difference, to leverage your assets, to live better the story of your life, to develop yourself, to associate better and more fully with the people around you, to make you a better person, to make you feel… that YOU can.

These “selections” provide you the notion that you can develop and grow toward the direction and the goals you want to achieve! To render you a strong person and the person you want to be in your life! These selections build your character and make you overcome many obstacles in your personal and professional life!

You want to change, to be the one who can make these choices, but this does not come without cost. It needs work. Personal work, with yourself.

Your next move is to be the person who he/she can do the things you want to do in life. And that does not depend on something outside of yourself.

It needs a change in your identity! It needs you to change a lot of things, you previously consider us given and standard. You need to remove the autonomous systems you have established in your life, via of years of practicing unconsciously habits and beliefs that drove you outside your real path!

The path is your course towards achieving your goals and it depends on you!

What do you think! Write your thoughts, here!