It is frequently said that the Mandarin Chinese word for “crisis” is the same as (or that it includes, depending on who is saying it) the word for “opportunity”. This is such a deeply-ingrained line that it has even become the setup for a joke on The Simpsons – and the only problem with this serendipitous fact is that it’s not true. In no Chinese dialect are the words for “crisis” and “opportunity” even related, which is a shame, because it’s a good story.

In any case, there are plenty of sayings which underline the relationship between a situation of great need and the presence of a solution.

English proverbs include “necessity is the mother of invention” and “when God closes a door, He opens another”. So, as we sit in the midst of a crisis that shows few signs of ending any time soon, is there something to be said for seeing it as a … well … crisitunity?

There’s No Putting Off Remedial Work Now

Most businesses could, at any given time, benefit from some renewal and improvement. The unfortunate truth is that, in most cases, they won’t get that improvement any time soon because it’s time-consuming to fix things while you’re already busy. Fixes that could be made, and enhancements that would take you to the next level, are all-too-easily passed up.

However, when businesses find themselves blocked by circumstances that affect the entire world, it’s probably time to listen and make not just the improvements demanded by this pandemic, but all the other amendments that have been put off for too long. 

If There’s Nothing Else To Do, It’s Time To Audit

Some businesses have found themselves more or less entirely on furlough as a consequence of the pandemic, and during this time some won’t be able to undertake physical work.

If this is true of your business, and you just have to wait until you can start up again, there is a lot to be said for the benefits of looking for a potential improvement. If there have been issues with your onboarding in the past, it might be time to research LearnUpon LMS Pricing in preparation for an overhaul. If an audit throws up examples of where you’re wasting money, you can plan out potential savings in readiness to action them later.

Now Is The Best Time To Talk

Anyone who has spent much time in an office when it is “working” will know that there is rarely much opportunity for conversation.

A few snatched words, hastily-communicated advice and decisions made on the spur of the moment – the consequences of this short-term busyness mean that most fixes are quick. There’s little scope for a proper in-depth conversation which could highlight real areas for improvement.

However, with the machinery ground to a halt by necessity, now is the best time to go to trusted co-workers and ask where they feel changes can be made. It means that once you go back, you’re ready to action all improvements.

A crisis and an opportunity may not be the same thing, but it is clear to see that if you take the right attitude to bouncing back from a crisis, it can be the making of your business and the beginning of a rosier future.