Welcome to Season 1, Episode 3 of the Leadership Execution Podcast. In this episode, I discuss on how you can establish a real trust with your clients and develop healthy and profitable business relationships.

LEP_S01_EP03 - A Line Of Trust

This podcast has based heavily on remarks has been featured in the past on this article and express my ideas and thoughts on how you can employ win-win strategies to deliver the best possible results for your and your clients.

To do so there is only one way. To cultivate strong relationship ties and develop a mutual trust in every business interaction with your clients.

It is argued, that one common problem in business projects is to establish a common “language” with the client. This part is not usually referred to the business literature as a problem, but my experience says that it is!

It is more a matter of mindset, rather than a real problem needs a solution.

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In this podcast you will find out:

  • Why trust is so important in business,
  • How a mutual trust can be reached,
  • How to transform your clients to strategic allies of your brand,
  • How to start building trust from the start,
  • What procedures can facilitate (or hinder) the process of building trust,
  • How to reach to a “mutual acceptance” phase

Join The Discussion

To be a leader or an entrepreneur, it means to reflect, to act, to change and to learn. But a primary function of a leader is to share.

A podcast can provoke many insights, comments, views, and one of my favorite parts is to provide you with the incentives and the inspiration to make a difference.

That’s why I invite you to join this conversation, by sharing your views and insights on how you could establish trusts with your clients!

Moreover, I’d like to provoke you a little further, with a question!

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