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I still remember my first personal computer! The fantastic ZX Spectrum of Sinclair Research Ltd. It was an 8-bit personal computer without a monitor and hard drive having just 16 KB RAM! Exotic technologies at the time!

The YOU Revolution

Image Source: Pixabay

The ZX Spectrum is was something you could attach to your TV and you could program it to do various things (it permitted calculations mostly, specific – limited – tasks like drawing and painting and to play some games of course). And it was a very important piece of technology because it permitted you to do things on a personal level and learn even more during the process!

The year was 1983 if I recall correctly, and computers were far away from what would have become later on.

The Internet does not exist at the time and the computers couldn’t get any information but from limited resources (originally tapes, floppy disks and much later, on a personal level, hard disks).

This kind of technology, though, permitted to many people around the world to start learning new things and to use computers for even more activities!

PCs or personal computers gave the opportunity to many people to assume the ownership of their action and become the focus of a new (digital) universe. Doing so, people became not just consumers (as they were at that time), but producers, as well!

The YOU Revolution Had Started!

The rapid advance of the related IT and telecommunication technologies promoted further this small. original, trend of people involved in personal computing and made the person the center of any business activity (online or offline)!

Everything today is structured around people.

We have witnessing people-centric systems, client-driven companies, personalization, personification technologies, buyers personas, marketing data, mega structures, and trends, providing you (at a personal level) even more detailed information about what you do and how you do it.

Moreover, modern technology has equipped you with capabilities, previously unreached by common people:

  • speed access and distribution of news and information,
  • instant communication and virtual association with almost everyone in the globe,
  • extensive networking with many business & social media, and
  • digital production of almost everything you can imagine,

to name only a few.

It is the period of GAFAM (acronym of Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft) and all these companies provide you tools and application to establish and fortify your present and place in the Internet world.

On top of that, there is a vast online market to sell many of your designs, creation, info-products, skills and competencies on a large scale.

Is not the era of “Big Brother” but it is an era of sales and promotion within a universe having as a center you and made you the center of its attention.

It is also the era of smart agents, of trusted agents, of social media, of online marketing and business with data and information available to anyone.

Something which other times was paid handsomely or even commissioned by the big corporations is today free and available to anyone want to sell something small or big.

Today a kid in Taiwan or Australia can develop an application, introduce it to Apple Store and start selling as crazy in USA and German Market.

An unemployed person in Italy with large knowledge on EC taxation rules, can capitalize his/her knowledge writing a book and publish it on Amazon or provide consulting services from his/her home.

A third person who has pinpointed a “gap” in the current market or to a certain niche market can develop a startup company to provide services and solution aiming at coping with this problem.

The capabilities are limitless and whole enterprises now have started operated, flourish and grow from home.

Assume The Ownership Of Your Life

The personal business revolution is not something that started now but today has found an exceptional fertile ecosystem to grow.

Now is the “time of the year” you have to take the decision of who you want to be and take the ownership of this decision.

You are living in the era of personal business revolution and the personal initiatives are those can make the difference.

It is the period of YOU in the sense that you simultaneously can contribute at the international commercial circuit as a producer, a consumer, or usually with your both capacities and roles.

You might have skills and knowledge other people want or know something very important for other people to learn!

You might be an expert on economics, pottery, web or graphic designing, financing, cooking, or something else.

You might be an ardent hobbyist for gadgets and new trends you can inform other people about the new trends.

You might be a hardcore reader who wants to inform the people around him/her about the new interesting books or the uninterested ones.

You might know a lot of things, other people might interested in learning.

You might also want to get a second income capitalize your skills and knowledge either as a consultant or as a training module developer.

Either way, the choice is yours and you’re alone to make it! But you should start now, assume the ownership of your life, select what you want to do and begin designing your future life and business!