Recently, I came across a new service called which provides automated spelling, grammar, and broken link error checking for websites.

It is a valuable service because it allows you to have a competitive advantage on the international market while helps you to improve your SEO strategy! And the result is an error-free site and a more clear message for your product/service.

The Company

The company is only about a year old but has already caught over 8 million errors across 300,000 websites. Pretty impressive metrics.

The company was started because the founders personally experienced the pain point of finding errors on their own websites. They then set out to solve this problem for other website owners and TripleChecker was born.

The Product

Unlike other tools out there TripleChecker is unique in that everything is completely automated.

Depending on the plan you choose, your website will be scanned for errors on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can specify which pages to focus on and/or exclude. You will then receive an email containing all of the errors found, the suggested fixes, and the pages that the errors were found on.

This way you’re able to catch the errors on your websites before your customers do and fix them immediately. There’s nothing more embarrassing than being told by one of your users that they found an obvious spelling mistake on your website.

It can even hurt your overall business since users are less likely to purchase from businesses that they deem to be untrustworthy or unprofessional.

Currently, TripleChecker is specifically focused on spelling errors (typos and duplicates), grammatical errors, and broken links (both internal and external).

While there are some great tools out there for catching errors in real time, TripleChecker separates itself by catching errors after they’ve already been added to your website.

Not only is this useful for website owners that make frequent edits/changes/additions to their website but any website owner can benefit since a link that was added weeks or months ago can turn into a broken link at some point for example.

If you’re interested in having them check your website today, visit and click check website at the top.

You will then receive an error report within 24-48 hours with a list of errors found. You’ll be able to see a few errors without purchasing a subscription. The rest will be hidden behind a paywall however.


The prices started as low as $9.99/mo to check a website with up to 100 pages for errors on a monthly basis.

If you’re interested in checking your website more frequently or have >100 pages to check, you can select one of their other plans.

You can also contact the team directly for a custom plan if none of their plans meet your specific requirements.

To view the full pricing list, click here.

If you’ve ever discovered an error on your website and want to prevent that from ever happening again, give TripleChecker a shot.

Visit today.