The first day of a new job is always a memorable experience. Most often, the new employee is nervous about everything from how they look to whether they will fit in with the team.

Why Every Company Needs Onboarding Kits & What to Include

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They worry about being able to do their new job well, and they also worry about what their new supervisor will think of them – and that’s just the beginning!

If statistics prove anything, it would be that a new employee who is made to feel welcome from the very beginning will stay on the job longer. That is why every company needs a ‘Welcome Onboard’ kit, but what should that kit include?

Presentation Is the Name of the Game

Some HR experts say that an onboarding kit should include a few items of branded merchandise such as imprinted key fobs, t-shirts, caps, and even coffee mugs. However, how you present all the paperwork that you need your new employee to weed through is just as important.

Folder Printing offers the best of both worlds. You can give your new hire all the literature you need them to have in a handy folder, imprinted with your company’s logo.

Now, they have a place to store all their employment documents, and it is easily recognizable if they should ever need to get their hands quickly on one of those forms.

Sample Documents the Onboarding Folder Should Include

A welcome letter from the company’s president or CEO is always a nice touch, and along with that, you should include:

  • The company’s mission statement
  • A map of the facility
  • Rules of conduct (two copies, one should be signed and returned to HR)
  • Information about benefits packages available
  • List of company holidays and comp hours each employee earns

There are other documents you can include, but the important thing is to make sure you cover everything a new member of staff needs to know so that they can more easily assimilate into your company’s climate.

Each company has a slightly different way of approaching the same tasks, and so it is important to help new hires understand goals and procedures so as not to feel like an outsider.

The purpose of an onboarding kit is to help new hires feel as though they belong.

No One Wants to Be the New Kid on the Block

There is nothing worse than feeling like the new kid on the block where you know no one and walking in uncharted territory.

Some employers even go so far as to appoint an onboarding mentor for each new hire.

The new hire might receive the onboarding kit at a formal orientation event, or it can be presented by the mentor who stays with the new hire for periods throughout those first critical days on the job.

If your HR recruiters did their job, you already know you chose the right talent for the right job. Now it’s up to you to make them welcome.

Onboarding kits and personal mentors can take the stress out of those first few days, and once your new hire feels a part of the team, you can expect optimum productivity right from the very start.