LE009: Do What You Love with Hamid Safaei

Coaching is not an easy task. Or discipline. It takes a lot of energy and time, while demands an increased amount of attention, focus, and empathy for the coach to understand and direct better his/her clients. Attributes and features you can find in abundance in the face of Hamid Safaei.

Hamid Safaei is the bestselling author of the “First-Class Leadership” a consultant and a certified coach helping leaders & entrepreneurs to multiply their results.

Hamid has a long course of professional activities in the areas of consulting and coaching.  He has led successful business transformations for a number of Fortune Global 500 companies. 

He has developed ImOcean Academy, a unique institute where he applies first-class coaching tools and techniques combined with best practices.

He regularly publishes learnings on www.imoceanacademy. com and www.first-class-leadership.com on subjects such as leadership, realizing goals and dreams, target setting, and bringing potential to fruition.

Do you want to hear what he has to say?

008: Learn From Your Clients with Josh Haynam

Every business today to succeed needs to pay attention to its clients. Everybody says it, but very few people and company actually do it. Specifically the successful ones. 

There are many tools around to do and new innovative ways to approach your prospects. 

Listen today Josh Haynam (co-founder of Interact Quiz Builder) talking about startups, Quizzes, sales, conversions and on how to learn from your clients better!

Interact Quiz Builder (affiliate link) is my new favorite tool for interact with my audience and taking meaningful responses, can help me improve my blog and tweak my services in order to serve better my audience. 

It is an integrated platform for services can help you develop quizzes, polls, and giveaways in a quick and easy way. It is, also, a tool especially useful for edupreneursconsultants, and content marketers because can initiate a meaningful interaction and collect information about the specifics of the audience you want to serve!

When I like something, usually I’d like to learn more things! For this reason, I tried to find more information about how this platform launched and my research has a wonderful result because I had the pleasure to discuss with one of the co-founders of the Interact Quiz Builder, Josh Haynam!

The discussion with a person like Josh is always very interesting and provides many insights for many entrepreneurs and startup owners!

LE007: Start a Business with Nick Timms and Eduarda Bardavid

Do you know how to start a business? Good ideas are not enough! You need much more to start a successful business! 

You need a lot of learning, to decide to start changing what you were doing, to have a plan B, to seek help from experts and mentors, to have a plan and, most importantly, to know how to execute on your plan.

In this episode, I’d like to invite you to listen a wonderful interview of 2 young people with wonderful ideas: Nick Timms & Eduarda Bardavid who are the founders of Drag, a productivity application for Gmail!

Drag  is a new fresh application to help you organize your life and business in Gmail. It is designed to help you organize your inbox more effectively and convert your inbox to a project and task manager for all the things you have to do in your day!

The idea of making Gmail a more organized place and a central place to manage your projects and to-dos is not new. What is new though is the idea to use a well-proven paradigm for today’s startup companies (the Kanban approach) into your e-mail sphere.

That’s the Drag created! And the idea came from two young people, the  Nick Timms and the Eduarda Bardavid who conceived the original idea and execute upon it developing a company with more than 22,000 people following its lead.

Nick and Eduarda “start business” having a good idea, a solid plan, and help from experts and mentors who help them to refine their plan and execute it.


LE006: What Makes You Special?

I was thinking this question when I was aiming at meeting an old friend! Not that my friend has nothing to do with the content of the question. Not at all. 

He was a very special and gifted person, lovable to all and with a lot of distinctions in his professional field! But meeting him made me think some things! 

Things I’d like to share with you!

I made this podcast with the ideas I have developed in this article

My main argument is that action does not suffice to bring the results you want. 

It needs to combine together thought and action in order to achieve your objectives in life and business. 

LE005: Focus On Accountability with Takis Athanassiou

Accountability has a pivotal role in our culture and society. 

Today, in our modern and complex life, it is important for you to realize that you and only you, you are accountable for your actions or omissions. 

Moreover, you have to realize that you are responsible for the sum of all your actions (small or large, intended or unintended) in your course of life. 

It is an attitude in life that is not easily implemented. But worth the effort for its acquirement!

 This podcast has been developed around this article and follows its main argumentation. Its focus is on the important the responsibility has for the modern business and what you can do about it (or why even should you care).