5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Your Product Isn’t Selling

Make The Right Questions To Make Effective Sales!

There are times when your product isn’t selling as you have expected to! Assuming you haven’t created something with a high degree of artificial intelligence, you should decide that your product won’t sell itself.

Product Isn't Selling Itself

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How to Claim Your Piece of the $400+ Billion Weight Loss Pie with Affiliate Marketing

Today’s article is written by Matt Papas. Matt worked as a biology researcher in the academia until 2010. He has had much success as an affiliate marketer since then, building various websites that help people learn how to improve their health. Lodlois is a site where Matt provides information about various weight loss programs.

While we have recovered from the global financial crisis of 2008 and the markets have stabilized, the recession changed how we manage our money. According to a survey from Fidelity, American families are saving much more now than before, they are reducing debt, and they are building an emergency fund. But there is one thing Americans, and other people around the world, are opening their wallets for Weight loss products.

Αffiliate weight loss programs promotion

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How to Prepare Your Business for Sale

This article is written by Amber Brunning. Having a background in communications and management, Amber often writes about small business and budding entrepreneurs. When not working, you can find her online chatting with her friends or read industry blogs. Connect with her on Twitter.

If you’re looking to sell your business, there are a couple of things you should know. First, you’ll need at least a year of preparation before selling. If you’re planning to sell your company right away, you probably won’t get the full value.

Sell Your Business

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Creating the Perfect Site for E-commerce

More and more people are testing the waters of E-commerce. It’s not hard to see why. You gain most of the benefits of a brick and mortar business without the rental costs, overheads, bills and need to employ multiple permanent staff.

Creating the Perfect Site for E-commerce

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Remarkable Business Tactics To Boost Your Product Sales

The author of this guest post, Jacob Arch, is an entrepreneur and a former marketing executive in the United Kingdom and currently he works at Assignment Help.

The global landscape of business and marketing has changed immensely in the past decade thanks to the rapid technological and social advancement of humanity. The world has become faster and more interactive than it was a couple of decades back and judges a business not only on the merits of its product but also on its image, interaction, and benefits.

Remarkable Business Tactics to boost your Product Sales

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How Publishing Content People Want To Read Can Lead To 4108 New Visitors, PR Traction, And Blow Up Your SEO Rankings

The Lighting Shoes Case Study

Melissa StevensOur today article is entitled ‘How publishing content people want to read can lead to 4108 new visitors, PR traction, and blow up your SEO rankings‘ and is written by Melissa Stevens. Melissa is the chief content creator and entrepreneur at Lighting Shoes. She handles all marketing for for their LED Shoe brand. Check out their line of kids Yeezy-inspired shoes here to see an example of their products here: YZ™ – LED Shoes – Light Up Shoes Kids Boys Girls – Black.

Publishing great content can lead to profound results for entrepreneurs, startups, and companies of all sizes.

Publishing content people want to read

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Making Your Run-From-Home Business Look Like An Empire

Working from home is becoming a more practical and sensible option for many business start-ups. However, revealing to clients that you run things from home can come across unprofessional and convince people that you’re only a small business, when you may want to look big.

Run from home business

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How to Select The Right Course Topic

An Approach To Select And Implement The Right Course For Your Market

When I am developing an online or any other course I like to use various approaches to help me find topics that many people would like to learn. My experience has shown me that you never want to develop a course, nobody wants to attend (or buy it for that matter).

How to Select The Right Course Topic

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How To Make Productive Sales In An Online E-commerce Business (Mobile Store)

Today’s post is written by Alice Methew. Alice, a writer at fospower.com, loves pursuing excellence through writing and has a passion for different sites. Her work has been published on various sites related to Travel, Technology, Business, Management and much more! Today she is writing about productive sales in an online e-commerce Business.

An Online E-commerce store business is not difficult to start, but it is difficult to sustain and maintain a loyal customer base. There are different business strategies for each e-commerce business segment.

Online E-commerce Business (Mobile)

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