Luck can sometimes feel like a capricious thing. Surely some people are just born with fate smiling at them and others struggle through life? Well, if you’re an entrepreneur gearing up to launch your own business, that is one false assumption you definitely have to leave at the door. Instead, a strategy of creating your own luck is the one that is going to lead to success.

If someone just appears to have luck on their side, have you ever considered that they might just be naturally behaving in certain ways that set them up for success? And that what really is lucky is that these behaviors can be learned?

Putting yourself in the right place at the right time, being fully prepared to take advantage of opportunities that come your way and putting in the hard work to accomplish your big goals are some of the building blocks you can move towards – and then maybe others will be commenting on how lucky you are!

Make Connections For Yourself And Others

They say that it’s not what you know, but who. And that’s never more applicable than in business, which is all about networks. You don’t have to be part of the families that rule the world to be well-connected and make this principle work for you.

Meeting new people in a business setting quite simply expands your odds. The key is to act as a connector for other people.

If you talk to someone, and discover they have a need which your business can’t help with, but another you know of can, make a referral! Not only will you have one grateful party who is ready to refer you back when they can, but you also have a second party whose problem you’ve solved, that will remember you as a fixer and a can-do person, and is likely to call on you again.

Keep in touch with people and tend the bonds you make, because they are a form of wealth in business.

Use The Power Of The Positive

You might think you’re too down to earth for a concept as intangible as this, but the power of positive visualization techniques is well known among elite athletes and politicians – and it can be highly valuable in the business world as well.

Every time you’re preparing for a big meeting with prospective clients or pitching to investors, you need to clearly visualize your success, repeatedly, before going into that situation.This not only calms the nervous system but also makes actual success much more likely.

Take A Chance

Entrepreneurship is all about pushing outside of your comfort zone. You must get comfortable with the concept of risk, and realise that risk is what creates opportunities to excel.

Embracing failure as a necessary part of this, and realizing how much setbacks have to teach you is also integral, because you won’t always succeed. You only have to read the story of any famous business leader like Steve Jobs or Richard Branson to see that their path to success didn’t always run smoothly.

The key is to be able to pick yourself up and keep going, on the way to greater things.