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The Leadership Execution™ Podcast is my podcast,  focusing on various Leadership Initiatives in life and business. Its goal is to explore the different approaches and ideas can make a difference today!

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It is a podcast for leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and individuals would like to make a difference and it is focusing on YOU, trying to inspire you to take the initiative to change what’s no longer works and to provide you with the necessary strategies, approaches, and tools to achieve that!

The Advantages Of Podcasting

Podcasting as technology and as a mainstream application today has many advantages. It allows learning more about the topics you are interested in, in a natural way and in a shorter time.

A well-structured podcast can save you time, effort, and energy while listening to it at different times or while doing something else.

There are many advantages in listening to podcasts but the major one is the knowledge you can acquire in a limited time.

Please, do be my guest! Start to listen to the podcast and

Start to listen to the podcasts that cover subjects interested you and start practicing their suggestions to your own life and business!

How To Download & Listen To The Leadership Execution™ Podcast

There are many applications and ways to listen to The Leadership Execution™ Podcast on various platforms and media (iPhone or Android phone included).

Personally, I would suggest the Podcasts application by Apple for iPhone, the Downcast,  the Instacast, or the Stitcher.

If you have troubles selecting the best one for your phone or your computer, you can always consult the following articles and select the best application for you and your time schedule:

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Join The Discussion

To be a leader or an entrepreneur, it means to reflect, to act, to change and to learn. But a primary function of a leader is to share.

A podcast can provoke many insights, comments, views, and one of my favorite parts is to provide you with the incentives and the inspiration to make a difference.

That’s why I invite you to join this conversation, by sharing your views and insights on how you could establish trusts with your clients!

The Leadership Execution™ Podcast Archive

Podcast Archive
# Title Released
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10 Infect With the Possibility Virus – Michael Bungay Stanier [Podcast S01EP10] 10/15/2018
9 Do What You Love – Hamid Safaei [Podcast S01EP09] 07/30/2018
8 Learn From Your Clients – Josh Haynam [Podcast S01EP08] 12/11/2017
7 Start Business – Nick Timms and Eduarda Bardavid [Podcast S01EP07] 10/26/2017
6 What Makes You Special? [Podcast S01EP06] 10/12/2017
5 Focus On Accountability [Podcast S01EP05] 08/28/2017
4 How to Better Leverage Your Assets [Podcast S01EP04] 07/31/2017
3 A Line Of Trust [Podcast S01EP03] 07/17/2017
2 Don’t Quit Your Day Job! – Liam Martin [Podcast S01EP02] 04/25/2017
1 What Has Timothy Carroll To Say On Leadership? – Timothy Carroll [Podcast S01EP01] 09/05/2016