The Monthly Review for October 2014 is a collection of the most interesting posts and articles, presented in this blog and articles of interest from around the web! I hope you will enjoy them!

Monthly Review - October 2014

A lot for reading this month, but I think, it worth it. In this review, I have included some more resources you might find of use in your personal life or work. I hope you would enjoy them!

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Here is this month’s posts from this blog, and other links, articles and content I’ve found of value!

What I have Blogged About On October 2014

These are the posts, infographics and videos have been published at October 2014 in my blog.

The posts cover a large variety of subjects, but a usual, are centered on the concepts of leadership, business, e-Learning, social media, and personal development, without neglecting issues as philosophy, career, marketing and tools you can use in your everyday workflow! I hope you find the information very useful.

Reading time: ~60 minutes

What You Liked Most In My Blog, During October 2014

Check what posts of this blog have caught more the attention and are read more times.

Reading time: ~40 minutes

Interesting Readings For October 2014!

Read posts of interest from all over the web. These posts can inspire you, puzzle you, intrigue you, generate ideas to you, or simply make you think in different ways!. Please, use the ideas contain within, with great caution!

Reading time: ~40 minutes

In Case, You Have Miss Them!

Reading time: ~50 minutes

In my site, you can find many resources you can find of use. Some of them are here:

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