The Importance Of Not Becoming Deskilled When Running Your Own Business

3 Basic Steps To Become A Business Leader?

If you are one of the select few that have stepped away from the secure and stable world of work to launch your own business venture, then you should be congratulated. To take the courageous choice to turn your back on a good wage, outstanding promotion prospects and strong working relationships to embark on your dream of turning a business idea into a money-making reality is brave and shows steel and determination. However, when you do veer onto a new professional path, it can be all too easy to get caught up in the tedious day to day tasks that come with running a business.

The Importance Of Not Becoming Deskilled When Running Your Own Business

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Treat Morale Like Any Other Business Resource

What Are The Business Resources You Should Employ?

If you run a business, you need to be sure that you are doing whatever you can to look after your employees. How they feel about their work informs the way they behave, the amount of effort they put into their work, and how much love is in it.

Treat Morale Like Any Other Business Resource

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6 Ways How To Use WordPress Plugins For Content Optimization

This article was written by Natalie Andersen. Natalie is a chief officer at Essay Writing Service Get Good Grade, a pro writer, and researcher, and author of the book “Conquer Essay Phobia: Perfect Formula for a Good Grade!”. Once and forever, she decided for herself, that her life will never be the result of the circumstances, but of her own actions. Natalie is fancy creating the things she is good at and make them useful for the others.

The great thing about WordPress is how easily you can customize it for your own needs. That doesn’t just go for the program itself either, but the thousands, no tens of thousands of plugins that have been made over the years. Of course, that many plugins do bring a problem along with it and that’s the fact that you can’t possibly know which ones are and aren’t good without finding out what other people are thinking.

6 Ways How To Use WordPress Plugins For Content Optimization

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10+ Tips to Make Your CV Stand Out In 2018

This article has been written by Julie Higgs. Julie is a content manager and she is an amateur guest post writer. Her hobby is painting. Also, Julie is fond of traveling and yoga. Her motto is ‘Believe you can and you’re halfway there.’

Having the perfect CV is the first step to finding success and is one of the most important documents to finding the perfect job. Our economy is not doing too well in the past few years and many people are left unemployed. This is, even more, a reason to make sure that your CV does not leave you out of the loop. Your CV is the one thing that can help you become successful or end in more negative results.

10+ Tips to Make Your CV Stand Out In 2018

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What to Consider Before Starting Your Business

This article has been written by Alex Williams. Alex is a journalism graduate, and a rookie blogger trying to find her luck. Blogs are the perfect opportunity for presenting yourself to a wider audience, getting the chance to showcase your expertise and receiving recognition. She is a regular contributor at Bizzmark Blog. You can communicate with her on Facebook and on Twitter.

Starting a business is a stressful experience. You have to consider financing, market and other kinds of research, advertising, product and/or service development, company management and taking care of employees, customer relations and much, much more.

Starting Your Business

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50+ Best Marketing And Tech Blogs To Follow In 2017

Altitude Branding
June 30, 2017

Best Marketing And Tech Blogs - Altitude Branding Altitude Branding is an expert and advice blog specialized to branding for business. It has a large editorial team writing on branding issues from various business areas and providing actionable information and advice for everyone interested to develop his/her business brand in the new digital ecosystem.

Its mission is:

to assist business in “building a brand” in a digital world and making you visible and successful on a crowded web (Altitude Branding)

Recently Wendy Dessler with Altitude Branding editorial team has developed an excellent article about the 50+ Best Marketing And Tech Blogs To Follow In 2017.

I had the pleasure and honored my blog to be included in this extended list (thank you very much, Wendy and editorial team), among very prestige technological and marketing blogs like the  Seth Godin’s Blog, the Gizmodo, the Engadget, the Lifehacker, the Scobleizer, the GigaOM, the ReadWriteWeb, the Mashable, and the Wired’s Blogs to mentioned only a few.

The only thing I can say is: thank you!

If you want a comprehensive guide to help you choose which marketing and tech blog is the best for you, this is the place to go!

4 Challenges Newbie Entrepreneurs Face!

How To Overcome Your Problems And Succeed In Business World

This article has been written by Margaret Jones. Margaret is an Ambitious Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and a Blogger at Her blogs discuss the challenges of entrepreneurship and running a startup. She is an avid reader and likes reading books on business management, business finance, and corporate world.

Being an entrepreneur is the dream of many, but not all of them fulfill it. Even if one does manage to start up their own business, they usually give up when things get tough.

4 Challenges Newbie Entrepreneurs Face

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The Best Self-Help Books [Picked By 200+ Influencers][2017 Update]

Self Development Secrets
September 7, 2017

Self Development Secrets - Best Self-Help BooksSelf Development Secrets is one of the best blogs on personal growth and development area hosting many valuable articles and insights about how you can improve yourself.

Recently the Self Development Secrets’ editors compile and author a huge list of the best self-development books around.

This list has been compiled by the answers gave more than 200 influencers in the area of personal development in a single question:

What is the best self development book you’ve ever read and why is it different from the rest? (Self Development Secrets)

I had the privilege to participate in this survey and I’d like to thank personally all the editors of Self Development Secrets for the honor! To the whole editorial team at the site, I have just to say: thank you!

If you are serious about your personal growth, then you should definitely need to consult the list in The Best Self-Help Books.