Productivity is an essential factor in today personal and professional life. It is important for everyone wants to improve the conditions of his or her life. Furthermore, it is important for anyone wants to do more and make a difference!

How to Boost Up Your Productivity

Productivity it is defined in different ways, by different people. But, in essence, it means to do the things you ought to do in a more efficient way.

There are many ways and methods to help you boost up your productivity.

Approaches To Boost Up Your Productivity

Among them are included the following methods, strategies, and approaches:

I usually use my own system for doing things and it is something it has grown organically over the years of my work! I also have done a lot of work on my goals and priorities, the procedures and systems I could use more effectively, the tools that may help me produce more quality results in the shorter amount of time (as the templates are), etc.

A Proposed Workflow To Boost Up Your Productivity

In the end, all the planning should output in a coherent workflow that would support you in any activity you want to implement and support you to achieve your goals! For me, this workflow has the following steps:

  • think and set your goals SMARTly (life goals, business goals, family goals, health goals, financial goals, etc.) and with clarity, according to your life scope, your beliefs, your values and your lifestyle!
  • break down your life goals into small manageable SMART tasks. The smaller the better!
  • find the suitable motivation for you
  • follow a constant system or methodology it suits you to achieve your objectives
  • decide carefully your next move
  • be present when you’re doing the task you have select for implementation and try always to provide more value to the output from the one it is expected (not only for the other people but for yourself as well)
  • Do not expect the ideal conditions to do the task or the activity you have chosen to implement. Take a big breath and start doing it, even if the conditions are not so favorable! Just start it and build upon that activity!
  • Track your results and do what’s possible to perform better (faster, more confident, more relaxed, etc.), next time!

Question: What do you think? What do you use in order to do your things done? What would you like to share? How you use the tools and applications you use in order to do your job done? Please write a comment or an idea, here!