This monthly review is a compilation of many interesting topics from this blog and from around the web. This month (October 2013) was particularly fruitful and a lot of things happen, both on and off the blog. A lot of new things have been directed for the next month, while a community around the leadership and the other subjects discussed here on the blog, has been starting to take shape!

One of the main things, about the development of this blog, was the formation and development and of a small community of friends who take an active stand and practice the principles and the approaches discussed here, in their everyday life. This it seems, that is something that already has been started to take a form and a character, and for that, I would like to thank you every and each one of you made it possible with your ideas, writings, comments, etc.

So A Big Thank You To All Of You, is in order. Be strong, willing, positive and develop all the necessary skills and resources to make your dreams possible. And introduce small or large (leadership or other) initiatives to your personal and professional life, in order make your world (and the world of the other people) a better place!

This month I launch my 2013 Readers Survey. It is an important part of my strategy (and of all the strategies, I think) to have more information about my readers. As I have written in the announcing post, this survey:

It is a small readers survey related to my blog ( and the subjects it covers. This readers survey it has been compiled to gather all the necessary information for making my blog more useful to the needs and requirements of my readers.

Please if you do not notice it, take the survey. Your input and opinion are very important to me.

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Here are this month’s posts from this blog, and other links, articles, and content of interest we’ve found of value!

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