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Hello. I’m Takis Athanassiou, and I’m a business and e-Learning consultant, trainer, and author! This is my personal blog, a place for recording my thoughts and ideas about leadership, productivity, effectiveness and the new media in general!

It is a place for sharing my best ideas, approaches, and tools, that can help you achieve your goals!

My Goals

In this site, I write on issues related to business, e-Learning, leadership, productivity & effectiveness, management and time management, social media, tools, and concepts, while, occasionally, I write about various subjects (I think!!!) of interest.

My goal is to create meaningful and readily applicable approaches, schemes, etc, providing insights, interconnections, and tools that, I believe, can create a positive difference in various areas, and empower the people in their everyday personal and professional life. I try hard and (I believe!) smart to give you the concepts and the resources that can help you develop yourself and your business!

So if you want:

  • To develop yourself & your business,
  • To plan effectively your personal and professional path
  • To do more things better
  • To lead effectively your way in life, or simply
  • To achieve your goals,

you are in the right place!

My aim is to help you to trust yourself, to develop the resources you think as necessary for reaching your goals and to lead more effectively your way, towards achieving your vision (or simply, I’m here to teach you how to fish, NOT give you the fish, sorry about that [!!!])


I am in the business of helping you achieve your personal and professional goals by providing you proven business models and working mental schemes to assist you to cope with your everyday problems without losing the “big picture“.

I believe that anybody can succeed in what he or she doing if clears up his/her goals, define his/her priorities and commit to succeed them based on his/her inner beliefs and values.

My mission is to help you define with clarity your goals and develop the required skills, assets, resources and networks to aid you in their implementation.

The keys to this venture are a clear-defined vision, focused objectives, commitment, and the desire to learn, acquire or develop whatever you need in the course of implementing your strategies and ideas which will lead you to achieve your goals.

What do you think?

Core Values & Operations

We live in a complex world and we try to do business in new and innovative ways. Many things have changed in recent years and the ways we knew are no longer valid. We need today to learn new ways to balance our life, to become better people and grow our business on an international level.

To do so we need familiar anchors and pointers to align our goals to our core values and operate in a way that is, at the same time, effective and humane.

I do believe that everyone is able to achieve his/her goals as long as he/she is authentic, trustworthy, and aligned with his/her inner beliefs and principles.

Business, any business, start from yourself and if you are not dedicating time to develop yourself, to learn what you need to know, to develop the assets and the resources you require you won’t be successful as a person and as a business person.

At the heart of what I do, there are these core values:

  • Thought leadership, personal development, and growth,
  • Human-based entrepreneurship,
  • Learning, skill development & constant education,
  • Passion and excellence in your work and life,
  • Effectiveness and optimization,
  • Focused initiatives to make a difference,
  • Collaboration, support, and nourishment,
  • Work-Life balance.

What I Do and How

I am a business advisor and consultant. I help entrepreneurs, business owners, and freelancers to reach a bigger audience & grow their business while keeping a human face!

Business success depends on the mental models and the business strategies you employ on a daily basis. I’ll show you how to use the best personal and business approaches to get proven results.

I develop and present ideas, strategies, and approaches for leadership, strategy, operations, marketing, social media, and productivity.

I consult, invest, teach and coach on small business strategies and marketing believing that with the proper knowledge, constant learning and hard work you can make a difference in the world and in your life!

What Makes Me Different?

I develop ideas, approaches, methods, resources, assets, and tools, that will help you to grow and better your personal and professional life!

Why I’m different? Simply because, I pay attention to the requirements and the needs of the people, I listen carefully to what they have to say, I’m a hard-working creative person with a large experience on human, business and technology requirements and try to find the best available solutions for my associates, clients, friends or the people I work with!

For more information on me, please visit the about page.

Do You Want More Results With The Strategies You Employ?

If you want better results, you can access my best strategies and ideas for personal and business development leading to constant and sustainable growth! You can read my blog, listen to my podcast, watch my videos, get my books or courses, find useful resources, or just send me an e-mail.

Learn the mental and business processes I use to become more effective and develop proven and effective business models for my audience.

I will show you:

  • The leadership principles help me develop an award-winning leadership and personal development blog and an active community of 21,000+ like-minded peers.
  • The productivity approaches I use to focus on what matters most and earn 5 more hours each week to do what matters most to me!
  • The proven business models I use to develop & grow traffic, conversion rates, revenue and income for my audience and followers.
  • The content marketing tactics permit me to develop more than 400 posts, 17+ books and e-Books,  numerous courses, and many info-products in just a few years.
  • The social media strategies I employ to contact, cooperate and network with more than 20,000 people from all over the world.

Would you like to join me?

For Who This Site Is For?

This site is, primarily designed for entrepreneurs, freelancers, small business owners, and all the people want to find information and approaches to enhance their personal and business lives. Along the way, though, the site is broadening its scope and today is a place for is for every restless person, wants to do more effective things in every day or wants to change the way he/she lives and works.

It is for people do who not settle with the mainstream usage and explanations given on how things work and try to customize the things, systems, tools, ideas and approaches to their needs and requirements and not vice versa.

Furthermore, it is for people want to learn more, communicate and networking meaningfully, learning more things to enlighten their lives and the lives of the others.

In short, this site is for everyone, who he/she does not take for granted anything, does not choose to use shortcuts and easy solutions and he/she is prepared to invest in him/herself, to make his/her world a better place to live, work and play in!

Finally, it is for people who know well, that some things can be achieved better if you start sharing your ideas and approaches pro gratis and moving with a good company of like-minded friends! As a business person, I know well that a business can only be greater when it has a lot of ideas for dissemination and support by trusted clients.

My Best Posts In This Blog

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Contact With Me

I’m a professional in e-business and e-Learning area, but I’m also a constant learner of all the new things related to my life and work.

When it is possible I try to provide you the best of my insights, ideas, and knowledge via my business, this blog, and various other digital channels! I do not claim that I have all the answers, but I do my best to provide some valid ones! So if you feel like it, or if you have questions you think I can help, or if just want to say hello, please feel free to communicate with me!

The best way to communicate with me is to use the contact form located on my contact page or use any other digital channels your think as suitable! I usually answer all the e-mail myself and I would be glad to contact me even for saying a simple hello! It would be much appreciated!

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