How to Build a Luxury Travel Business

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to create your perfect business, and you happen to have a passion for travel, why not turn your talents into a money-making opportunity? The travel industry is one of the most lucrative in the world, and as a luxury travel expert, you will have the opportunity to travel the world and discover a truly rewarding career. This business allows you to build a loyal and satisfied client base, with the opportunity to extend as far as you’d like to reach.

How to Build a Luxury Travel Business

Little Things

Little things can create a large disturbance! I had recently one such an experience with various, small things, went completely off the track! It was unexpected and it was very, very, disturbing! But the situation gave me some hints on handling peculiar situations and on the power of small things in our highly organized life!

Little Things

The Next Day!

Leadership is about next day! Recently, I friend of mine had to make a complete transformation of his earlier life. Besides the current economic situation (tough for everyone!) some medical problems have accrued in his close family. These are enough, to convince him that he had to change his route and make different selections in his life. The result was a complete makeover of his earlier life (with the aid of some friends, of course!). He has to change his life and LEAD it to a different path!

The Next Day

A Day Off The Grid!

Recently I experienced a total connection shutdown! No telephone, no Internet, not communication besides my cellular phone!

For this reason, I’d like to apologize to my readers for my delay in posting this article.

The problem was large and caused by a road repairing crew, that damage the telephone’s infrastructure in the area. This situation cause me to skip the posting of one post (specifically the previous one!) and gave me some food of thought!

I’m so accustom to having an Internet access anywhere I go, that its absence creates a lot of problems. Today is one of those “off-the-grid” days! I was working normally, trying to do some infrastructure work, when, all off a sudden, everything went still! At first, I didn’t realize what happened and thought that I had a problem with my computer. After a while though, I realize that telephone and Internet were off. Not phone, no Internet, no web, no value added service! Complete silence!

A Day Off The Grid