What happens when a choice you made, imposed to someone else way of thinking and doing? You do make a lot of choices in the course of your life. What you eat, how you would dress up, with whom you would associate with! You take many choices in your everyday life. Either to a personal or to a professional level. But, most of the times, the decisions you make, affect other people as well!


How Do You Define Choices?

Choices can be many things. You define choices in a certain way while I define choices in a different one. In any case, choices are decisions, that bring results to your life and to the life of other people.

Generally a choice:

consists of a mental decision, of judging the merits of multiple options and selecting one or more of them. A choice can be made between imagined options (“what would I do if …?”) or a choice is made between real options and followed by the corresponding action.(Wikipedia: Choice)

But define a choice with the correct way, it does not mean, that you have made it. Most people avoid the choices, out of fear or due to their inadequacy to cope with the problems, a choice might bring!

What Choices Should We Make

Choices. Some are good, some are bad! But, you cannot take them back! You have to honor them! Moreover, your decisions, most of the times, do not affect only yourself, but other people as well! For this reason, you should be very cautious, not only on how you decide, but also on the effects you might bring, and to whom!

A choice opens a new path of events, previously unseen! You select the one (this one) path vs. … the other! The output is not always clear! Furthermore, most of the times, the output is clouded (i.e. too many variables, exist and should be pondered in this particular situation!)

How Do We Decide?

How to cope with choices? What tools would you use or should use? How to negate the consequences, a posteriori, in an a priori mode?

Questions! Questions! And more Questions! Usually, there is no one single answer. Not an easy one, at least!

Think, a little bit, about the teller who saw the emperor’s clothes (at the known story)! Moreover, think, if you can, about the emperor, who hears the phrase “the emperor is naked“! You know the story. But not the feeling!

Not of the emperor’s, not even of the teller’s! Who of the two is more devastated? How can he (the Emperor or/and the teller) cope with what happens?


There are methods, of course, to hep you decide better, faster, or more efficient.

But ultimately choices are the result of:

  • goals (your goals and objectives)
  • values (your values and principles in life)
  • intention (how conscious you are about the decisions you take!)
  • personal boundaries (the things you can do and you cannot do)
  • accountability (how responsible you are for your decisions and how ready you are to accept the consequences)
  • environment (in what place/environment/conditions you take your decisions), and
  • time (how available time you have to make the choice)

Choices is a way of knowing your path and how far you have drifted apart from your “chosen” way of life! This is the reason, they should be made in a way that honor you, the people they affect and the life you have chosen to live.