The 2013 yearly review is a mosaic of the most interesting topics and posts, published on my blog and in other sites, around the web. 2013  was a year particularly fruitful for the blog, while at the same time, signifies a personal and professional shift towards more online business models of operation. Especially rewarding for 2013,  was the formation of a small community around the leadership and the other subjects discussed here on the blog!

Yearly Review – 2013

A Small Summary of 2013 Activities – A 2013 Yearly Review

In 2013, I launch officially my new blog in a new domain (my own domain!) and with different operation premises (I moved to WordPress Blogging Platform in a self-hosting operation model!). Its design was the result of many efforts and trials and errors, in order to have a viable well-organized and smooth operational blog. Bit-by-bit I try to develop a new blogging model that would lead to self-sustained information and blogging “ecosystems” (more of that in 2014[!])

During this period, I develop a free book for my blog (given free to all my subscribed members), from material presented in this blog, while with the same “construction” materials I develop a new book, published in Amazon (Leadership Initiative Papers – Glimpses on a Changing Scenery).

This year, I wrote more than 100 original posts and articles, for this blog and for other sites, as well. Post-by-post I try to persuade people and businesses that can affect positively, their personal and professional lives and domains, taking the initiative to change some things!

My posts, cover areas in business and startups, leadership, productivity and tools, personal development, blogging and Social Media, because, these, in my humble opinion, can be effective enablers for someone or something to move towards an intended course of action.

In November, I lunch my 2013 Readers Survey. It is an important part of my strategy (and of all the strategies, I think) to have more information about my readers. This would enable some changes to be scheduled for next year!

In 2013, I start establishing various outposts and semi-autonomous bases around the web while I start writing posts and articles for different sites and platform. For this reason, you can join me and on the other social media sites, I’m active (check and the sidebar!).

You would find either a Leadership Initiative dedicated page or mine pages on Google+, on Twitter, on Facebook, and on Pinterest. In these sites, I occasionally share as well interesting content from all over the web.

Within this period, I start inviting for blog postings (I want to personally thank you, Anny SolwaySaskia Gregory, Kylie Prescott and Paul Smith  for all their efforts and posting, write for this blog), while I start developing various part of my site (theme – a still on progress operation- affiliates, advertising banners, etc) in order to move it in more professional and business grounds (more of that, later on).

One of the main things, about the development of this blog, was the formation and development and of a small community of friends and supporters who practice the principles and the approaches discussed here, in their everyday life.

This community has demanded more things, and this is a strong incentive for me, for providing more and more valuable and readily applicable content! Given this opportunity, I would like to express A Big Thank You, To All Of You for your support and encouragement.

Here is the 2013’s posts of value from this blog, and other links, articles, and content I develop for other sites!

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Let’s make a more beautiful and prosperous 2014!